About Us

URTC was established in 2004, in its existence, Urban Research and Training Consultancy has developed an outstanding track record of promoting drivers of change in the urban and social sectors within the country.

URTC has also worked closely with many international consultancy firms, dealing in physical planning ,infrastructure development and environment such as Tzamir Planners, ROM Transportation (Israel) ,Aberman(South Africa) SETEC, Groupehuit, ESPELIA( France) , COWI (Denmark), RJ Burnside (Canada), Ramboll,Geomatrics (USA), Energy International (Austria), Cana Rail (Canada),Wardrop (Canada) and local companies like PROME Consulting Engineers, M & E Associate Consulting Engineers, Winsor Consult, Multi-Konsult Consulting Engineers, Plan Systems Consulting Architects and Planners, Gauff (JBG) Consulting among others in various assignments.URTC has built a team of technically qualified professionals and associate consultants with wide experience in the above areas.

Urban Research and Training Consultancy E.A Ltd has a wide range of clients in Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, and in Southern Africa. URTC has the capacity and expertise for Physical development planning and Environmental management; carrying out applied and scientific research and providing consultations and advice on issues and matters related to the various aspects of physical planning, cities development, slum profiling, planning legislation, Environmental science and infrastructure development roads, railways, hydro dams, forests, oil exploration and management, industries, water supply,sanitation provisions, sewerage and drainage among others.


To be regarded as an industry leader in the delivery of Physical/Environmental planning advice and services to sponsors of complex and high value projects


To Provide Innovative, Strategic and Commercially –Minded


Commitment to Client Out Comes
Continuous Improvement
Innovative consultancy
Technical Excellence


million people live in cities with zero waste commitments
advisory board members from other countries
distributed to member organizations annually
incinerators prevented